Medical Meetings

The Peer to Peer exchange meeting facilitates communication between your customers (e.g.: physicians, pharmacists, health insurers...). If you are marketing a drug or a medical device, the P2P exchange meetings can be used at any stages of the product lifecycle and enable your customers to share their views on the existing data and position themselves vis-à-vis these data. P2P exchange meetings are suitable for e.g.: disseminating information, hearing about your customers’ beliefs and preferences or defining patients’ profiles for the drugs. Using our platform enables you to get valuable inputs on how your marketing messages can be tailored to the individual to whom you are selling. Through P2P exchange you can uncover every potential uncertainty your customers could have and learn about potential threads that could harm your strategy.

Choosing P2P exchange meetings will enable you to:

- assess how your data measure up

- tailor marketing messages

- create competitive position statements

- gather arguments to handle objections

- strengthen your network

Our service offering includes the following modules that can be booked separately:

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