Medical Education

At impulze we set the emphasis on delivering high-quality education and practical, up-to-date content developed by recognized Swiss experts within the selected discipline. Our aim is to provide accredited continuing medical education responsive to specific health care professionals and public health needs. For that purpose we have developed the iPractice platform which facilitates the conduct of CME events.

Target Audience

We provide continuing medical education courses for primary care practitioners and specialists.

Type of Learning: Live learning vs eLearning

Physicians can take part in live courses using our iPractice platform or use our iPad application iPractice Deluxe to perform eLearning. The objective of our educational offering is to engage the participant in interactive learning.
Specialists taking part in our live courses will interact with cutting edge experts within the discipline. Primary care practitioners taking part in our live courses will interact with known regional specialists within the discipline.

The eLearning with iPractice Deluxe is a case-based education. The progression through the cases is being driven by questions which enable the primary care physicians to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Expected results

We are committed to imparting and improving both immediate and lasting changes in medical knowledge and decision-making. We strongly believe that the newly acquired knowledge will be applied by the physicians in their practice which in turns will positively influence patient care and outcomes.


As of today, live CME events performed with iPractice have always been accredited. Our recently developed iPad application has also been granted SGIM/SSMI and SGAM/SSMG conform and physician performing eLearning with iPractice Deluxe will receive CME credits from these Swiss medical associations.


Thanks to multi-sponsoring, iPractice meets the latest recommendations of the ASSM.